Excerpts from Westford Wastewater Grant Applications

Grant applications promote high-density development in the town center.

Community Recovery and Revitalization Grant Application

excerpt from 3/28/2023 

"Provide a brief description of the proposed project. (500 words maximum) : This funding proposal is to support the cost of Westford’s proposed community wastewater system, which will generate development of new business establishments, expansion of existing businesses, and the development of new affordable and workforce housing in the Town Center Area and, more specifically, the Common District. The Town Center Area is not served by a community wastewater system and Westford’s economic development and housing goals cannot be met without this infrastructure. The community wastewater system will foster economic development by enabling businesses to start and expand, and will create capacity for new housing development. As a result, existing businesses will be more sustainable, housing units will increase,........"

Please describe the anticipated impacts that the proposed project will have on the community where the project is located.: Westford’s planning and wastewater initiatives will support population growth within the Town Center Area, Designated Village, and Neighborhood Development Area. The wastewater system anchors the Town Plan priorities for the Town Center Area, which is framed by the following vision: (a) Promotion of higher density and compact settlement; (b) Allowing a compatible mix of appropriately scaled residential and business uses in a pedestrian friendly setting, with a diversity of residential options; (c) Ensuring that new development is consistent with the historic character and development patterns; (d) Providing walkways, green space, and recreation opportunities to enhance connectivity, public use, and enjoyment of the area. Once municipal wastewater infrastructure is constructed, the Town expects to see revitalization of the Town Center Area as a pedestrian-friendly streetscape with public infrastructure that: (a) Creates a diversity of uses, (b) Delivers a greater degree of essential community resources, (c) Offers affordable housing, starter homes, workforce housing, an..."

Northern Border Regional Commission Grant Application

excerpt from 5/14/2021

ARPA State of Vermont Grant Agreement signed 6/1/2023 

excerpt mentions mention existing private affordable rental properties