Keeping Westford Rural

Mission: To inform Westford, Vermont residents of the potential changes to Westford's Rural Character caused by the planned redevelopment of the town center.  

The March election of 4 new selectboard members will play a significant role in future direction of Westford.  Please watch the February 15, 2024 Candidate Forum to understand the candidates positions on Wastewater, the Town Plan, Taxes, and the Future of Westford.

Click Here: Meet the Candidates for Westford Selectboard

Please Vote

The Selectboard has provided every registered Westford Voter with a stamped mail-in ballot.

The Westford Wastewater Bond

 was Voted down on November 7, 2023.

No: 532, Yes: 488, Total Votes: 1020 

The Westford Selectboard unanimously declared at their December 14, 2023 meeting that the November 7, 2023 vote was a NO-VOTE on the Community Wastewater Project (not simply a rejection of the $400,000 bond).

Update:  The selectboard has formed a Wastewater Study Committee to explore options to the Maple Shade community wastewater system that was rejected by the town last November.   Currently the grant funding for the Maple Shade community wastewater proposed system remains intact. 

If Westford builds the proposed wastewater system, with over 50% excess capacity, expect to see multi-unit structures around the Common and on Brookside Road.  Say "Good-Bye" to the quaint small-town center we enjoy today.

Keeping Westford Rural Part 2

Overview with focus on the value of maintaining the country character of the current Town Common and Center. 

Keeping Westford Rural Part 1

Overview with focus on unintended consequences throughout town, example traffic.